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Patent Participation Group (PPG) Autumn Talk in Association with Emsworth Surgery


September Health Education Talk


September Health Education Talk








Talk given by Nick Brunt,

retired Senior Paramedic Trainer


   Date:  Wednesday 27th September 2017

   Time:  7pm – 9pm

   Venue: St James Church

 Everyone welcome – free to attend

Refreshments available

The  PPG have also been busy during October helping to organise the annual Saturday mornings Flu Clinics.

Jim Strudwick, Chairman, Emsworth Surgery Patient Participation Group.

Chairman's Report 2013

The PPG committee has convened nine times during the year-each month except July, August and December.

We have, sadly, during the year, lost the services of three valued members, i.e. Ruth Ballisatt as Treasurer, Sue Ellis as Secretary and Dr. Pip Newman as representative of the doctors, and I thank them for all the work they have done for us. Sue in particular has given so much time to maintain our noticeboards and health education weeks and posters.

However, we are welcoming new members to the committee, although we have yet to fill the Secretary and Treasurer posts. Thanks also go to Vice-Chairman Billie Shamash for standing in as Secretary and taking minutes during the meeting on her laptop, no easy task. The elderly patients' monthly luncheon club started by Dr. Newman has been extremely successful and grows from strength to strength, largely due to the hard work organising them by Mary Cliffe aided by Joan Marsh. Thank you ladies.

Our half-yearly medical education talks have been successful and well attended covering two important medical topics, namely Dementia and allied conditions in the Spring and types of Skin Lesions in the Autumn.

We have helped gather information from the patients for the Annual Performance Surveys for a week, two taking turns each half day and organised the patients attending the five Autumn Flu Vaccination Clinics on Saturday mornings in October and November.

In a time of great change for the Surgery, being now too small for the rapidly rising number of residents and patients, there have been numerous meetings and consultations with regard to securing the vacant Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital as the site for a new and larger Health Centre and the Chairman and some committee members have been represented in meetings and briefings with the Partners who are responsible for negotiations, that is Dr. Nick Woodruff and Dr. Abu Chinwala. Sadly, progress has been painfully slow through no fault of the surgery and various changes in NHS governing bodies have not helped, so I have little progress to report, although we have been running a petition for the patients to sign if they approve of the hospital site and have collected thousands of signatures. Thanks go to Sue Ellis for her tireless work in collating the numbers, as well as all the committee members and helpers who stood in the street collecting signatures. We look forward to more news in the coming year.

Finally thanks to Kate Hope, the Practice Manager, and her deputy Helen Dodds for attending the meetings and giving us all the help and information we need and being our liaison with the surgery partners and to Dr. Mary Wilson and Dr. Abu Chinwala who have stood in when Dr. Newman was not available.

Jim Strudwick. Chairman, PPG

Chairman's Report 2012

Our group is now very well established and has been significantly strengthened by a number of new recruits.  The last year has been very busy with various projects, the principle one being a summer evening meeting dealing with type 2 diabetes.

 The evening was for around twenty five patients invited by their doctors to attend the surgery for an informal meeting to exchange experiences with each other and discuss with medical staff any related problems they did not fully understand.  The take up of invitations was very good and those attending were split into three groups with a specialist diabetes nurse / doctor heading each group. The overwhelming feeling of those attending was that it had been a very useful exercise.  A great deal of myths and misunderstandings had been discussed and most of those attending were asking for more of the same type of sessions. It is the intention of the PPG to arrange similar sessions on other health concerns and, as before, we would like to hear from patients if they have a particular subject we may be able to help with.  Contact us in writing via the Practice Manager, Kate Hope, or why not use the suggestion box that is already in place at the reception desk at Emsworth Surgery next time you are in town. Of course we have to remember that these meetings are all staffed on a voluntary basis by all those involved, including doctors, nurses and surgery staff, for which the PPG are very grateful. Watch our notice board for more information on this and other matters.

Other Important News  

Emsworth Surgery has now affiliated to the N.A.P.P. (National Association for Patient Participation). ( 

This will enable our PPG to access specialist help and support ensuring our local Practice benefits from the N.A.P.P. resources and will be of great assistance to us as the changes within the NHS come into effect over the next year or two. 


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